ACİL! Romanya’da EVS İmkanı!..

ACİL! Romanya’da EVS İmkanı!..

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The habit of running

Multisport Experience Sport Club from Arad
Stage period: 01.01.2015 – 30.09.2015 (Stage 2)

“The habit of running” is an EVS initiative of Multisport Experience Sport Club from Arad in west Romania. The project will involve 10 EVS volunteers from different countries spending 9 months each stage, in Romania, leading the active and healthy lifestyle of amateur runners as well as promoting running as a sport activity, hobby and the lifestyle. Volunteers’ work is balanced between outside sport activities and office work which will include the research about running, promotion of running in electronic space, involving young people in running activities, developing partnership with local organisations and companies.
Project will feature development and management of virtual community of runners gathered around Multisport Experience Sport Club in which EVS volunteer will take an active and crucial role. The final goal of the project will be informing 500 people from local neighbourhood about benefits of running, involving 100 persons in at least one running activity/volunteer, 20 in cycling activities/volunteer, developing 10 partnerships in local neighbourhood/volunteer – all within non-formal and informal methods of work during the 9 months each stage.
As for the learning dimension project will develop innovative competence – sport competence which will be starting point for Multisport Experience Sports Club to make this competence acknowledged among other YouthPass competences developed by European Commission. In learning dimension EVS volunteers will be supported by innovative learning tool – Electronic Resource Center.

In order to complete all those objectives EVS volunteer will need to perform at least following activities:
1) Weekly based running in the group of members associated with coordinating organisation
2) Realising running meetings
3) Research about healthy diet and lifestyle
4) Research and promotion for anti-drug, anti-alcohol and anti-smoking attitudes
5) Promoting running in schools, universities, companies, institutions;
6) Facilitating the group running: preparations, meetings, trainings, motivation, promotion, etc;
7) Proposing new running routes in the area;
8) Working on partnerships and developing them in local neighbourhood;
9) Research on running as hobby, lifestyle and sport;
10) Promoting bicycles and cycling – inside and outside of the city;
11) Managing and updating virtual community of runners gathered around Multisport Experience Sport Club.
12) Taking interviews with members of Multisport Experience Sport Club