St.Petersburg’da Rusça Dil Kampı!..

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22 Şubat-5 Mart 2014 tarihleri arasında Rusya’nın kuzey başkenti St.Petersburg’ta müthiş bir deneyime ne dersiniz? Maslenitsa tatilinide kapsayan bu kamp Rus kültürünü daha yakından tanımak için müthiş bir fırsat. Bu kamp günde 3 saat haftada 5 gün Rusça dersi ve günde 2 saatlik sosyal çalışma içeriyor. Konaklama ve yemek giderleriniz sizi ağırlayacak kuruluş tarafından şehir merkezinde bir hostelde karşılanıyor. Bu tarihler arasında vaktiniz varsa bu fırsat kaçmaz !!

Detaylı bilgi için 0212 244 62 30 numaralı telefondan ya da adresine yazarak Gençtur’a ulaşabilirsiniz.

Maslenitsa in St.Petersburg


Partners: local municipals (Kalininskiy district)


Dates: 22.02-05.03.2014

Age: 18+

Participants: 10 international volunteers (5 M, 5 F)*; 2 camp-leaders

Language: Russian/English

Extra Fee: 135 euro (for the Russian course)

Visa support: provided

The workcamp is organized in order to develop volunteers’ initiatives; to share volunteers’ experience among participants from different countries; to promote intercultural dialog and mutual understanding. During the workcamp volunteers will learn the Russian language, plan mutual volunteers’ activities, participate in social projects, learn culture of Russia and culture of each other. Besides, being the first early spring camp in terms of the organization, it will allow the participants to spend their time doing amusing snow activities and get an unforgettable experience. As well the traditional Russian holiday Maslenitsa will be celebrated from 24th of February to 2nd of March, so volunteers will have an opportunity to learn closer this tradition, take part in different events devoted to it.


According to the topic the volunteers will organize and carry out the events which are timed to pay attention to the holiday Maslenitsa. To find out more about Maslenitsa visit this page: The program is supposed to include greetings and performance for the children from rehabilitation center, old people, and local youth. As well to make beginning of the spring for old lonely people really nice, volunteers will clean their flats (wash the floor, windows, etc.) Also there will be some activities with local children and students (games, presentations about volunteers’ countries, etc), as well as round table, where participants can talk about their volunteer experience and how voluntary services are developed in their countries. Volunteers’ activity takes 2 hours per day 5 times a week. Moreover to plunge into the culture participants will have a great possibility of learning Russian and chance to get the answers to any questions they are interested in about Russia talking to the native speakers. Language learning activity takes 3 academic hours per day 5 times a week.

Leisure time:

Volunteers will have a possibility to see the North capital of Russia, Saint-Petersburg which is known for its numerous sightseeing possibilities. There are plenty of museums, parks, and places that tell a lot about history and culture of Russia both in the city itself and in its stunning suburbs such as Pushkin, Peterhof and Pavlovsk, former residences of Russian tsars. Also there are many cinemas, entertaining centers, pubs and nightclubs.


Kind of hostel well equipped with kitchen, shower, and washing machine. No need to bring a sleeping bag! The school is situated in the city itself. Meals will be prepared by volunteers, products are provided. Visa-support is provided.

*Exchange students learning Russian in St. Petersburg are going to be among participants of this workcamp.