Romanya İçin Acil EVS Gönüllüsü Aranıyor

Romanya’dan sivil toplum kuruluşu Organizația Studenților din Arad, 6 farklı ulustan gönüllülerin katılacağı ve yerel gönüllülerin de destek vereceği, çocuğa şiddet ve tacizi önlemek ve bu konuda toplumsal farkındalık yaratmak amacıyla düzenledikleri büyük ve uluslararası EVS projelerinde onlara destek verecek olan 1 Türk gönüllüsünü arıyor.

Roamya Ulusal Ajansı tarafından onaylanmış olan bu projeye gidecek gönüllümüz, yaşadığı bir kayıp nedeniyle gidemeyeceğini bildirdiğinden bu acil durum ortaya çıkmıştır. Seçilecek gönüllü aralık ayında projesine başlayacaktır. Bu nedenle başvuracak olan gönüllülerin projeye Aralık ayında katılımının önünde hiçbir engel olmaması gerekmektedir.

Bu şansı değerlendirmek isterseniz, ayrıntılarını aşağıda bulacağınız proje için

*Motivasyon Mektubu ve
*GENÇTUR Başvuru Belgesi’ni en kısa zamanda  adresine iletmelisiniz.

Proje Yeri: Romanya – Arad
Proje Başlangıç Tarihi ve Suresi: Aralık 2013 11ay
Proje Konusu: Çocuğa şiddet ve taciz konusunda çalışmalar yapmak ve koruma merkezindeki mağdur çocuklarla sosyal aktivitelerde bulunmak.

The project has a lot of challenging tasks that you are going to do. BE SERIOUS AND HARD WORKING to complete them. We promise you that together, we are going to have a once in a lifetime experience. We know that you joined the project because you want to get new abilities, to make new friends, to learn more things about other cultures and many other things, but most of all TO HAVE FUN. By working together, we are going to achieve all of this and more other.



Name:  Purple

Duration of the stage: 11 months;

Arrival of Volunteers: 1st – 7th  of December 2013;

Number of total volunteers: 6;

Countries involved: 6;

Host community: ARAD – ROMANIA;



  1. The project’s objectives mainly target the development of EVS volunteers and of children/youngsters victims of domestic violence, hosted by partner centers in Arad
  2. The personal and social development of the hosted volunteers.
  3. To stimulate and involve the local stakeholders in initiatives aimed   at preventing and addressing child abuse cases.


  • Between 18 and 30 years old;
  • With a strong motivation towards the projects activities;
  • We are planning to host a large number of volunteers with fewer opportunities (educational, social, economical, geographical, cultural, health issues);
  • Wiling to organize project activities and to bring value to the service;
  • Has to show initiative in implementing the project activities as well as own initiatives;

The Sending Organization will organize pre-selection. The CV’s and motivational letters of the best candidates will be proposed to the Coordinating Organization, who will also have an interview with the volunteers and make the final selection.


The volunteer should take an active role in setting up his EVS project together with the promoters. The Sending Host and Coordinating Organization should encourage this.

The volunteer must respect the rules and the organizational structure of the Host Organization. The volunteer must also abide to the laws in force in the host country.

The volunteer must keep the Host Organization informed about his whereabouts during the period of service.

While abroad, the volunteer should give the Sending Organization regular feedback on his experience, and must evaluate the overall project with the Sending Organization upon his return.


“PURPLE” is an European Voluntary Service application that proposes a volunteering service of 11 months in Arad (Romania) carried out by 6 EVS volunteers from TR, ES, PT, PL, DE, MK. The project activities cultivate the following themes: “European Awareness” and “Children”. The project objectives are:

  • to enhance among the 6 EVS volunteers the development of entrepreneurial and intercultural competences;
  • to enhance among the 20 children who underwent experiences of domestic violence the development of social and interpersonal competences;
  • to stimulate, during the service, the involvement of local stakeholders in those initiatives that aim to prevent and solve cases of child abuse;
  • to promote non-formal education in the sending and hosting organization;
  • to promote the concept of volunteering by involving abused children and the promotion of children’s rights;
  • to develop necessary entrepreneurial abilities.

The EVS volunteers will carry out the following tasks as the main part of a structured plan of non-formal learning:

1) Creative workshops (drama/pantomime) for/alongside 20 children – victims of domestic violence;

  • To plan and prepare the agenda for each workshop;
  • To plan and prepare all the necessary resources;
  • To recruit at least 10 local volunteers who will take part to the workshops;
  • To inform the local volunteers regarding the theme and the agenda of the workshops;
  • Getting to know each other games and teambuilding activities together with the abused children and the local volunteers;
  • “Breaking the ice” games;
  • Expressivity games;
  • Role play and discussion sessions;
  • Interpreting some stories together with the children;
  • Making a show schedule;
  • Organizing the rehearsals and the events;
  • Selecting the stories/legends to be made as theatre plays;
  • Organizing a street campaign through the theatre method;
  • Organizing an event “Theatre-Forum”

2) Outdoor activities held in the city parks for/alongside the group of 20 children;

  • Planting flowers and taking care of the structures that are concerned with the aesthetics of the play grounds together with the target group of children and other children from the park;
  • Treasure hunt activities;
  • Asphalt drawing activities;
  • Organizing an event entitled: “The Game as a Universal Language”;
  • Interactive outdoor theatre plays;
  • Organizing seasonal events.

3) Zoo therapy activities (dogs and ponies) for/alongside the group of 20 children;

  • Activities with ponies;
  • Activities with dogs;

4) Foreign language interactive courses for/alongside the group of 20 children;

5) Journalistic activities

  • Volunteers will make 6 video-reportages;
  • Volunteers will write 6 articles containing their own impressions;
  • Volunteers will create 6 photo-reportages containing minimum 30 photos/each
  • Volunteers will create a clip for the promotion of children’s rights and for raising awareness regarding the dramatic effects that domestic violence has over children
  • Volunteers will promote the website of the project with all the journalistic materials described above
  • Volunteers will promote and manage their own website.


Learn using the local language;

Learn about the local culture and the culture of other countries;

Develop skills in social integration and independent life;

Develop skills of team-work;

Improve leadership skills and level of personal responsibility;

Learn new working methods;

Learn how to involve local youth, how to use youth animation

Learn how to manage various events and activities, project management;

Be aware of his own potential, cultivate new interests, determine plans for future life;

Gain sense of self-worth, understand his contribution to society;

Share the responsibility of living together with a multi-national team of volunteers;

Learn about the opportunities for young people at local, national and international level;

Gain abilities in the field of active listening, communication and feed-back, intercultural learning and active citizenship throughout the courses he/she will attend.

Learn how to present his/her own country, culture and traditions;

These are the activities that need to be organized during the months of stage. All the activities written have to be accomplished, but there can be modifications/switching in the timetable because we depend on the people (major, resource persons, stakeholders etc) from the local community.


Working hours and days off: The volunteers will work 7 hours/day, 5 days/week (Saturday and Sunday are free except the cases of weekend activities – when they will receive free days in compensation, during the week). Also, each EVS volunteer will have 2 free days / month, but the free days shouldn’t interfere with different events.


The volunteer will receive accommodation and food according to the EVS general rules. The volunteers will be accommodated in rented apartments, 2 persons/room, sharing the common rooms: kitchen, bathroom with 4-6 volunteers. Food allowance for the volunteers is, paid at the beginning of each month.


It’s not necessary to carry a big luggage case, because you will have the possibility to wash your clothes. We suggest you to take some warm clothes, (in winter, it’s pretty cold, -15 degrees), but also clothes for warm weather. Don’t forget to take with you some casual clothes!

Local transport:

In case the project requires, access to local transport will be provided to the volunteer according to his needs and the activities he is developing.

Volunteer allowance:

The volunteer will receive a monthly allowance, according with the EVS rules.

Language support:

The volunteers will be given local language classes on a weekly basis in order to help them to integrate better in our community.