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Dear SCI branches and partners,

We have a new winter workcamp in Lapland, Northern Finland: FI-KVT 1.3 Maailmantalkoot – Global Education Initiative /Winter 2012.
We offer the chance for four international volunteers to work together with four asylum seekers and four Finnish participants giving global education workshops in Finnish schools. It is a travelling workcamp that visits the municipalities of Kemi and Tornio in Lapland.

This is a very special opportunity for your volunteers to experince the Northern winter and work together on important issues! Please tell about the opportunity to your volunteers, we are looking forward to the applications!

Thank you,
FI-KVT 1.3 Maailmantalkoot – Global Education Initiative /Winter 2012
Topic: 1:
  Antiracism, Antifascism, Refugees and Ethnic Minorities
Number of volunteers: 4
Country: Finland
Start Date (yyyy-mm-dd): 2012-01-08
End Date (yyyy-mm-dd): 2012-01-21

KVT Finland (Finnish branch of SCI) hosts a project which is a part of an educational project called “Maailmantalkoot”. The Maailmantalkoot  initiative supports KTV’s principles of solidarity, tolerance and international cooperation.

The Maailmantalkoot project aims to gather native and migrant communities together through workshops that are mainly held in school settings. Specifically for this project, KVT invites asylum seekers, refugees and  people with an immigrant background to take part in the Global Education  Initiative held in Northern Finland in January 2012. The aim is to bring people from different backgrounds together to construct and deliver workshops in local schools for young people between the ages of 14-19. These workshops will utilise mixed methods of delivery including media,
drama and debating. Therefore, volunteers with special interest and knowledge of performing arts, media, youth work and education are welcomed!

Maailmantalkoot-project’s main aim is to bring together local young people  with international and Finnish volunteers in order to make them think, explore and share opinions and experiences on global issues such as human  rights, migration, discrimination and equality. Furthermore, the Maailmantalkoot project is being supported by the Development Co-operation
Fund of the Finnish Foreign Ministry.

For this project we are looking for four (4) volunteers from abroad and (8) volunteers from Finland, of which four (4) are required to have an immigrant background.

W: During the first days of the project, volunteers will develop, practice and assess the workshop ideas prepared by KVT. At the end of the first  week and during the second week volunteers will run workshops in secondary, vocational and high schools in Kemi and Tornio. During the  workshops, volunteers will divide into smaller groups in order to maximize the potential of the delivery of these workshops. During evenings the aim  is to offer and create opportunities to mix with the local community members and to become familiar with the Finnish winter activities!

S:  Questions of global trends in migration and especially the issue of a  forced migration and the status of refugees in the sending countries of the volunteers will be discussed together with questions of human rights,  discrimination and equality. Secondly, through collaboration with the Red Cross Reception center for asylum seekers in Kemi, the status of asulym seekers and refugees in Finland will be explored. Volunteers are also requested to prepare material before attending the project in Finland. Further instructions will be sent in due course.

T: Tornio and Kemi in North-West of Finland. The distance between these two municipalities is about 30 km. Closest train station is in Kemi. Closest airports are in Kemi-Tornio, Oulu and Rovaniemi. This is a chance  to see Northern Finland during the winter so be prepared for snow, cold and long nights!

A: Dormitory accommodation with cooking facilities.

L: English.

Q: Good command of English language is needed. Willingness to speak and  stand in front of a classroom is necessary and interest in visiting schools and collaborating with local youth is essential in order to become a successful candidate. Therefore, a positive and outgoing attitude is a must!

X: Extra motivation letter.