Almanya’nın kuzeyi en güzel kamplarla, baharda sizi çağırıyor!..

Brigg Friederike With The City Hall Of Papenburg

Nisan 2014 başından itibaren Almanya’nın kuzeyinde Bremen ve Hamburg civarında  duyurusu yapılan 3 kampın detaylarını aşağıda görebilirsiniz. Yelken yapmak, motorlu taşıt olmayan bir adada gönüllü çalışırken bisiklet turu yapmak istiyorsanız, baharda vaktiniz varsa bu kamplar tam size göre. Haydi Almanya’nın en güzel kuzeyine !!!  Daha detaylı bilgi ve sorularınız için 0212 244 62 30 numaralı telefonu arayarak ya da adresine yazarak bize ulaşabilirsiniz.

Rediscover old Childrens Games

Wangerooge I

IJGD 14202

Type: Construction and renovation; playground construction

When: April 12-26, 2014

Who: 15 international participants, ages 16-26

Location: Lower Saxony, East Frisian Islands

Nearest Train Station: Sande (Friesland)

Airport: Bremen

Note: You need to be able to ride a bike

Accommodation: You will be staying in shared rooms in a youth center.

Catering: Meals will be provided, but you will help in the kitchen

Project: The youth center run by the Oldenburg Youth Recreational League on Wangerooge is ideally located in the dunes and is just a few minutes from the beach.  This spring, the building will be renovated and the outdoor facilities will be redone.  Your group will be helping to rebuild the outdoor facilities (painting fences, gardening work).  Your team will also help beautify the inner courtyard with colorful plaster paintings with jumping and running games as well as build a trail with balancing activities.

Free Time: Wangerooge is part of the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park, and contains a unique set of flora and fauna.  The island has no cars.  In your free time, you can explore the island by bike, take long walks along the beach or along the sea, and enjoy the vacation flair of the island.,

Sails Away!  Work and Sail on a Traditional Ship

Sundsacker I

IJGD 14230

Type: Construction and Renovation

When: April 12-26, 2014

Who: 12 international participants ages 16-26

Where: Schleswig Holstein; Kiel and Flensburg 50 km

Train Station: Riesby

Airport: Hamburg

Note: You must be fit for the physically challenging tasks and participation on the sailing trip.

Accommodation: You will sleep together in a wooden hut and sleep on bunk beds

Catering: Meals will be prepared as a group.

Project: The Flinthoern is a traditional sailboat built in 1925, out of steel.  It needs to be worked on both this spring and this fall to keep it sailing the high seas for years to come.  Here you can do your part to keep one of the last ships of this kind afloat! Everything must be ready, including the steel, wood, sails, and the inner rooms.  The professionals on board will show you how to work with the tools and how to get the Flinthoern back from hibernation.  Of course, a reward awaits at the end of camp-you will be part of the first trip of 2014!  If you enjoy being part of a group, love being outside, and always wanted to sail on such a ship, then you’re in the right spot!

Free Time: The Schlei, the Baltic Sea Fjord, is located near your accommodation, meaning you are surrounded by a beautiful landscape.  The rurally located grounds in Sundsacker mean you are in a great place for hiking, bike rides to the city of Kappeln (7 km) or the Baltic Sea (also 7 km).  You can also spend evenings around the bonfire, do sports together, or simply enjoy nature.,

Welcome to the State Garden Show


IJGD 14207

Type: Art

When: April 5-19, 2014

Who: 10 international participants, ages 16-26

Project: This camp is for 10 international participants and 10 participants from Papenburg.  The Lower Saxony State Garden Show ( will take place in Papenburg on April 16, complete with a diverse program.  Your team is a part of these events and will greet the guests with international theater scenes and sketches which you will create under the expert leadership of a theater and art teacher.  This will take place with the youth from Papenburg during the first week of camp. In this creative, experimental workshop, you can let your phantasies run wild with improvisation, role playing, working with figures, making masks, and practicing movement and elocution training.  Give it a try!

Accommodation: In a youth center in Papenburg.

Catering:  Meals will be prepared as a group

Free Time: You can take trips and explore the area together with the youth from Papenburg.  In the youth center you can play billiards, foosball, and other games, or try out the skate park.  Papenburg offers plenty of tourism highlights including many museums, parks, and gardens.  If you wish, you can visit the Papenburg Mayerwerft, one of Germany’s major shipyards.  You can also take day trips to Borkum Island, to Groningen (Netherlands), Emden, or Bremen.  www.papenburgde

Location:  Lower Saxony

Train Station:  Papenburg / Airport: Bremen

Special Note :  You should enjoy theater and be ready to perform small scenes and sketches for the public.